BRABUS Shadow 500 Cabin



50+ knots combined with an ultra-luxurious Cabin is a recreational boating first. Up until now the prospect of a comfortable and stylish, well-appointed cabin boat in the 28ft size range that could do a comfortable cruising speed around +40 knots, simply did not exist. Customers craving this kind of performance and ability were restricted to ‘professional-only’ boats, such as high-speed RIBS.

This is not the case anymore, boat owners looking for a fully protected and comfortable commuter, along with recognition, acknowledgement, high performance and status at the very top-end of the luxury day-boat market, can achieve all this and so much more with the BRABUS Shadow 500 Cabin.

The BRABUS Shadow 500 Black-Ops ‘1 of 28’ is hand-built with focus on precision and finish. Fairing, painting and polishing the Limited-Edition version to the quality required is a highly labour-intensive, skilful and painstaking process, with no automation process, which can take up to six weeks to reach the required finish.

All Limited-Edition models are exclusively launched in the signature paint scheme Gunmetal Grey, combined with vibrant BRABUS Red exterior seating; a most striking combination.

The exquisite all-weather coast-to-coast commuter

Not just for short journeys, but with full offshore capability for up to 6 people and inshore capability for 9 people, the BRABUS Shadow 500 Cabin will find itself being used as the perfect coast-to-coast commuter. You will find it cruising between a summer home in The Hamptons and an executive apartment on New York’s 5th Avenue just as likely as finding it undertaking adventurous island explorations in the Scandinavian archipelago.

The perfect superyacht tender

Superyacht owners, their families and VIP guests like to arrive in style, in a tender that oozes the same high-class visual appeal as the finest superyachts. It’s therefore no surprise that a BRABUS Shadow 500 Cabin would be considered the perfect choice for a superyacht tender or ‘shadow’ support boat. The Shadow is practical, versatile and capable of safely transiting passengers from ship-to-shore, whatever the weather, even in arduous sea conditions if necessary. The 2ft 8in shallow draft enables access to all kinds of places that larger yachts cannot reach, enabling owners to discover hidden bays and idyllic anchorages.


The space inside the cabin is extremely inviting, comfortable and very civilised. Customers choosing the BRABUS Shadow 500 Cabin will enjoy being cossetted in the lap of luxury; sitting in sumptuous seats, surrounded by BRABUS Fine Leather® upholstery and interior detailing that lifts this boat from being merely very good, to well above the norm. An electrical roof system will transform this elegant private space, that’s so capable of keeping the harshest weather at bay, into an airy luxury lounge that’s open to the kiss of the summer sun.


With a combined total output of 500hp and bags of torque from Mercury Marine’s latest 4.6 litre V8 ProXS lightweight FourStroke engines, every BRABUS Shadow 500 Cabin will deliver thrilling acceleration, dominating performance and massive torque, all in all a truly electrifying ride.



  • Overall Length (incl. engines):9,53m /31ft 3in
  • Beam:2,95m / 9ft 8in
  • Draft to props:0,80m / 2ft 8 in
  • Weight (incl. engines):2.800kg / 6.173 lbs**
  • Passengers / Berths:B:6 - C:9/ 2 persons*
  • Fuel capacity:74 gal / 280 liters
  • Construction:GRP
  • Classification:B – Offshore / C – Coastal
  • Max speed range:+50 Knots
  • Outboard engines:2x Mercury ProXS 250
  • Hull design:Twin stepped 20 degree V “Sharp entry hull“



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